About Studio Brun

Studio Brun is me, Sterre Hendriks, illustrator and designer of the outdoors.

This is me, with slightly messy hair. I’m at my best in the forest or the mountains, adventuring and sketching out there. I’m an illustrator, a nature lover, a mother and a wife. A mountain climber, forest dweller and desert explorer. I love adventures and new experiences, but I also love wishing on dandelions and my collection of feathers I found. My favourite smells are orange and cinnamon and pine trees, and I think the best food is food you can share with loved ones, on a picnic or a camping trip. I never counted how many deer I drew in my life but I still love to draw new ones every day. I don’t have a favorite bird because I love them all, as I watch them flying and singing and soaring. 

I love to illustrate birds, woodlands, adventurous scenes, deer, flowers, trees and other wild things.
Nature has always been the biggest influence in my work. I enjoy the coming and going of seasons, each with their own vibes and colors! 
All of my illustrations include hand made elements and digital techniques.
I make illustrations for magazines, websites, apps and more and I've been working for clients located all over the world. 

When I'm not working I love spending time outdoors with my family and feeling the wind in my hair.

I'm also co-founder of app studio Wild Ventures.


A selection of my clients:
Viva Labs (Norway)
Sanoma Media
Psychologie Magazine
Schoolhouse Electric Co. (US) 
UMC Radboud